Updating MasterBlid contract speed distribution of $BLID tokens #4

Title: Updating MasterBlid contract speed distribution of $BLID tokens #4

Author: obsqurial#5725

Date Created: 08/02/2023

Date Posted: 08/02/2023


From the beginning of $BLID staking, liquidity in this pool has significantly grown and reached $768K till now. Since everything seems to go well, we would like to decrease the token distribution speed of $BLID staking and farming to strengthen the $BLID price.


We want to continue the Staking and Farming since it positively affects the Community and the Project’s growth. In addition, we would like to optimize the speed of $BLID token distribution and the weight of pools.


This proposal is part of our primary mission — speed and security of profit generation enabled by crypto assets.

Conducting a regular and ongoing evaluation of the development department is an essential tool not only for the preservation of product integrity but also for community integrity.

Thus, quality assurance will never be underestimated, and we will always ensure the prevention, anticipation, and preemption of any possible flaw.


The scope of work is described below:

Contract: MasterBlid


Chain: BNB Chain (56)

Change the value of blidPerBlock

Current value = 1000000000000000000

New value = 600000000000000000

Change the value of allocPoints of BLID-USDT Farming Pool (pid=1)

Current value = 35 000

New value = 5 000


Yes – If this proposal passes, Bolide will implement the scope of work as described above.

No – If this proposal is rejected, it will go back for further discussion to align on the required changes before the updated proposal is re-sent for review.

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