Request for Funds: Incentives

Title: Incentives Funding Request

Authors: obsqurial#5725

Date Created: 22/03/2022

Date Posted: 23/03/2022


For the initial market entry, Bolide needs to create attractive conditions for Beta testers of the Low-Risk Strategy in order to increase the TVL of the project. To reach this goal, we are boosting an APY by requesting additional $BLID tokens from Incentives, which have been provided for these cases.


The primary purpose of the Beta is to increase the number of earlier investors as well as TVL, get the first product feedback and test Strategy performance at a slow speed.


To ensure Bolide’s mission of stability and best yield generation, the Strategy performance must have a constant linear growth. This will allow us to expand our TVL and as the result, income.

Keeping this goal in mind, we need to quickly onboard some users for the Beta that Bolide Low-Risk Strategy could work according to the initial plans.


In case of receiving a part of the funds allocated for incentives in favour of the Strategy APY Boosting, the next step will be to implement this Boosting to all Beta users on


Evaluating all the potential costs of boosting campaign, we request 4 000 000 $BLID tokens for this initiative to cover potential users demand.


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