Proposal: Transfer tokens from wallets to multisig contracts

Title: Transfer tokens from wallets to multisig contracts

Author: obsqurial#5725

Date Created: 07/12/2022

Date Posted: 07/12/2022


Security is our first priority. In order to improve it even more we propose to move the ownership wallets of Team, Incentives, Marketing, Company, Future DAO, Investors to a multisig wallet with at least 3 signatures to confirm any transaction.


We want to improve the security of Bolide tokens and will continue to do so. Multisig smart contracts allow you to enhance the security of assets.


This proposal is part of our main mission — the security of profit generation enabled by crypto assets.

Conducting a regular and ongoing evaluation of the development department is an important tool not only for the preservation of product integrity but also for community integrity.

Thus, quality assurance will never be underestimated and we will always keep to ensuring the prevention, anticipation, and preemption of any possible flaw.


Move all assets and vesting recipients from wallet to multisig smart contracts. Major operations are listed below:

# BLID transfer (ETH mainnet) / Team
BLID.transferFrom(0xB4DC5B15Eb8Db344e64df2706F5BcB0ac88283f9, 0xC5c957696e9516649bcff4473c00c55c80f12943, 41180710467107764849037948)

# BLID transfer (ETH mainnet) / Marketing
BLID.transferFrom(0xcc27a1020F874baD6A5a740F224b9ad973541159, 0x0739b644f0730D22f9C34b7DE3e76d57697089fb, 46783564022612619464091058)

# BLID transfer (ETH mainnet) / Incentives
BLID.transferFrom(0x2E095F3520C7B09110940A974eF3786CB4865444, 0x82A466d9dEbdE5370D0dC926df5cE04132382adA, 74906012573883945519452271)

# BLID transfer (ETH mainnet) / Company
BLID.transferFrom(0x5d96e14801FD8760F03dAF094A532E4f242F870C, 0x8F16Fd9f39BaCdf6F88A8768171520Ea61b822d9, 437637865449389818775597986)

# BLID transfer (ETH mainnet) / Future investors
BLID.transferFrom(0x9bbd057269e1f76bc3551cdae16c7c5de67417db, 0x169097c144B7Dd659446D903bb33Ec99891AB97e, 2698200000000000000000000000)

# BLID transfer (ETH mainnet) / Future DAO
BLID.transferFrom(0x8256477ef616b71992476e13c492ce94fee8b337, 0x5468644AaEeCeA2E7F416FfC5e956098212E6F9d, 2000000000000000000000000000)

# vesting Recipient to multisig (ETH mainnet) / Team



# vesting Recipient to multisig (ETH mainnet) / Marketing

# vesting Recipient to multisig (ETH mainnet) / Incentives

# vesting Recipient to multisig (ETH mainnet) / Company

# vesting Recipient to multisig (ETH mainnet) / Company

# vesting Recipient to multisig (ETH mainnet) / Future investors

# BLID transfer (BNB) / Marketing
BLID.transferFrom(0xcc27a1020F874baD6A5a740F224b9ad973541159, 0xCaACA034FE384C9816797511DA7005aCbe53d9cD, 3936615000000000000000000)

# BLID transfer (BNB) / Incentives
BLID.transferFrom(0x2E095F3520C7B09110940A974eF3786CB4865444, 0x834fE4d245Db1A5d66189500619A939D0F3645c6, 3460500944000000000000000)

# BLID transfer (BNB) / Company
BLID.transferFrom(0x5d96e14801FD8760F03dAF094A532E4f242F870C, 0x7C2C8508698481CBE13f3Ef22523961229C169eF, 20675465966738442196624855)


Yes – If this proposal passes, Bolide will implement the scope of work as described above
No – If this proposal is rejected, it will go back for further discussion in order to align on the required changes, before the updated proposal is re-sent for review

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