Proposal: Partnership with Celer

Authors: Vanilla#2222
Date Created: 17/05/2023
Date Posted: 17/05/2023


We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Celer, who will be supporting Bolide and assisting with the bridging of $BLID tokens.


We are actively enhancing our bridging ecosystem to facilitate the deployment of smart contracts with our algorithm-based yield strategies across various blockchains. These include Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSyncEra, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum blockchains.

The goal is to simplify the cross bridge operations and make them cheaper for the community.

As the tokens are being allocated, it is important to note that Celer Network requires a period of 12 hours to complete the deployment of the $BLID token across all the aforementioned blockchains.

This represents a significant milestone for our community, enabling us to access the best APY for individual crypto assets across various blockchains.


This proposal is part of our primary mission — speed and security of profit generation enabled by crypto assets.


Providing liquidity to the bridge


To finalize this collaboration, we have agreed with Celer to allocate liquidity in the equivalent of $50,000 USD worth of $BLID tokens for each chain.

Therefore, a total of $300,000 USDT, which is equivalent to 12 million $BLID tokens, will be required from the Company wallet.


Yes – If this proposal passes, Bolide will follow the proposed usage of funds as described above.
No – If this proposal rejects, it will go back for further discussion to align on the required changes before the updated proposal is re-sent for review.

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Yes – If this proposal passes, Bolide will follow the proposed usage of funds as described.