Funding Request: Development

Title: Funding Request: Development

Authors: obsqurial#5725

Date Created: 15/05/2022

Date Posted: 24/05/2022


We continue to work constantly on the technical side of our project. By adhering to the roadmap, we are requesting a part of the funds from the expenses wallet for the costs associated with the development process.


Our team has done work on the development and launch of the beta version of the Bolide platform. At the moment, the application is fully functional and stable. Recently, we have seriously improved our smart contracts to ensure the security and low cost of transactions.


This proposal is part of our main mission — speed and security of profit generation enabled by crypto assets.

Conducting a regular and ongoing evaluation of the development department is an important tool not only for the preservation of product integrity but also for community integrity.

Thus, quality assurance will never be underestimated and we will always keep to ensuring the prevention, anticipation, and preemption of any possible flaw.


The following steps have been done (this list covers the biggest tasks which is secure to share but this is not the full list of work):

  • Implementing integrations with other DeFi services and blockchains
  • Upgrading smart contracts
  • Development and implementation of staking and farming in the application
  • Optimization of Investment Strategy
  • Testing and debugging upcoming features
  • Upgrade of current user interface
  • Gas optimisation


Evaluating all the costs of development expenses, the team requests 100 000 USDT.


  • Yes
  • No