Funding Request: Deployment on Polygon

Title: Deployment on Polygon

Author: obsqurial#5725

Date Created: 27/04/2023

Date Posted: 27/04/2023


We are constantly working on the technical side of the project. Sticking to the roadmap, we are requesting a part of the Company and Expenses’ wallet funds in order to cover costs associated with the Polygon deployment process.


Last year Bolide successfully entered the market. The project team puts a lot of effort into developing new features to maintain this success.


This proposal is part of our main mission — speed and security of profit generation enabled by crypto assets.


Scope of work to include but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Create a liquidity pool on Quickswap
  • Deploy smart contract: USDT vault on Polygon


Evaluating all the costs of deployment expenses, the team requests

  • 3 000 000 BLID tokens of the Company wallet to be transferred from ETH chain to Polygon.
  • $ 10 000 BLID tokens and 10 000 USDT of the Expenses wallet to be transferred from BNB chain to Polygon.


Yes – If this proposal passes, Bolide will implement the scope of work as described above
No – If this proposal is rejected, it will go back for further discussion in order to align on the required changes, before the updated proposal is re-sent for review