Funding Request: Boosting Incentives #2

Title: Funding Request: Boosting Incentives #2

Author: obsqurial#5725

Date Created: 01/09/2022

Date Posted: 01/09/2022


End of March 2022 the Bolide team requested 4 000 000 $BLID tokens allocation for the first Boosting campaign. This was required in order to create attractive conditions for Beta testers of the Low-Risk Strategy in order to increase the TVL of the project. Five months have passed since this successful campaign is finished and now it is time to initiate the second Boosting campaign.


We would like to continue the Boosting/Staking/Farming since it positively affects the Community and the Project growth. In addition to that, we would like to implement the new token transfer scheme in order to reduce the cost of cross-chain transactions.


This proposal is part of our main mission — speed and security of profit generation enabled by crypto assets.

Conducting a regular and ongoing evaluation of the development department is an important tool not only for the preservation of product integrity but also for community integrity.

Thus, quality assurance will never be underestimated and we will always keep to ensuring the prevention, anticipation, and preemption of any possible flaw.


Part 1

  • 4 000 000 $BLID tokens budget allocation. Part of the budget will be allocated for Marketing incentives like survey incentives, giveaways, etc

Part 2

  • Swap liquidity scheme implementation

The swap liquidity approach may be used instead of the cross-chain bridge.

  • X number of tokens will be transferred from wallet A from BSC chain to ETH chain
  • At the same time, wallet B which is in the ETH chain contains more tokens
  • X tokens will be transferred from wallet A to wallet B in BSC chain
  • X tokens will be transferred from wallet B to wallet A in ETH chain

Following the approach described above the total number of tokens in both chains in Wallet A and B will remain the same.

This approach may be used for swapping liquidity between chains.


Evaluating all the potential costs of boosting the campaign, we request 4 000 000 $BLID tokens for this initiative to cover potential users’ demand.


  • Yes – If this proposal passes, Bolide will follow the proposed usage of funds as described above
  • No – If this proposal is rejected, it will go back for further discussion in order to align on the required changes, before the updated proposal is re-sent for review.