Funding Request: ApeSwap TBill Funds

Title: Funding Request: ApeSwap TBill Funds

Authors: Dragoo#3089

Date Created: 21/09/2022

Date Posted: 21/09/2022


Bolide is successfully entering the market and discovering new horizontals. To compete in this challenging field, we are collaborating with ApeSwap and together we are implementing a Treasury Bill to increase the number the trading volume of $BLID and increase the customer acquisitions metrics.


Treasury Bill on ApeSwap is a top feature that will have positive results for the protocol, we are aiming to increase our token trading volume, TVL and acquire new users.


An important priority for Bolide will always be to create a reliable system that will bring breakthrough solutions to the DeFi market. This is an ambitious and difficult goal to achieve, but we can cope with.


After receiving the approval of the proposal, the next steps will be followed:

  • Allocate $BLID tokens from the Incentive Wallet to Apeswap Treasury Bills
  • Implement marketing efforts along with Apeswap’s team


Evaluating the minimum amount of assets that Apeswap asks to allocate in their TBill Smart Contract, we request the amount of 1,039,501.04 $BLID tokens from the Incentive wallet.


  • Yes – If this proposal passes, Bolide will follow the proposed usage of funds as described above
  • No – If this proposal is rejected, it will go back for further discussion in order to align on the required changes, before the updated proposal is re-sent for review.