Bolide DAO Principles

The core principle & integral part of DeFi is cooperation & community.

Hence, Bolide will be implementing its own DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), a crucial infrastructure building instrument that gives the community, precisely Bolide’s community, to participate in the product creation process.

This approach allows to reduce the human factor impact, which sometimes slows down processes of a company’s operation.

The creation a decentralised working group distributes the contribution of each node. This not only increases efficiency, but contributes and allows for utmost transparency of all internal processes.

First and foremost, DAO allows to build a completely democratic governing structure. As mentioned, we are strong believers of the fundamental values that DeFi gives opportunity for and DAO allows for their realisation.

The logic of the governance structure will become more complex as time goes on and the project evolves, while through collective reasoning and discussion vulnerabilities in the system can be identified and resolved.

Each member of the community can participate by voting for open proposals on Snapshot, participate in forum discussions, or post their own ideas.

A detailed description of the process of Bolide’s governance proposal publication can be viewed in the ‘Proposal Process’ and the ‘Proposal Template’ tabs.

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